6.5x55 Swedish HS

I was digging through my range bag the other day, and pullled these out.

A dozen or so years ago I bought a few hundred rounds of what I was told is indoor training rounds for the Swedish Mauser.
So here are my questions:

What are the meanings of the various markings, with the exception of the Crown- I know that one- and the proper name of the round?

When did the format with the date change? I am guessing the first three the date is at 6-o’clock, but by number 4, the date is on either side of the primer at 9 & 3 o’clock. [Yes, Number 17 is a duplicate of number 15]

But when you get to numbers 7~10 and 15?

Than there is the weird marks on number 12 that reminds me of a British HS?
And I am pretty sure Amf has nothing to do with either Harley Davidson or the bowling alley companies…

Thanks, all.

Jack, #12 is Danish.

This may help:

What do the markings stand for?

48 = 1948
HA = Haerensarsenalet = Army Arsenal (I am sure my spelling is wrong)
VI 46 should be the brass supplier and regarding year

The experts sure can say more and may correct all my errors.

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You can also find some info here;

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Some info?
Thanks Daan!

Daan, thanks.
I will need time to look over that info.
At first glance I did not note many production dates, but I will search fiurther over the next few days.