6.5x55 Swedish question


What makes the crown at 12 o’clock be or not be there? Sweden was neutral during the War, and I don’t see any time (year) correlation.



The Crown refers (a) to a Gov’t Factory and/or (b) to Swedish Government property. One can note that ammo made by Contractors, whether for Sweden or Norway ( or later , Denmark) tends not to have a Crown.

A full check of a large number of years (and sources) will solve this problem.

Just my 2c worth.

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For questions on swedish headstamps I usually look here:
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The cartridges in 6.5m/m produced by DWM for the Swedish government in 1941 and 1942 bear the cross at 12 o’clock; the next date in my not-very-extensive assortment is by Karlsborg in 1946 and it lacks the crown. Jack


The crown was used by the government factories Karlsborg (K) and Marieberg (M). From specimens in my collection, 1943 seems to be the last year the crown was used. At this point, Marieberg was moved from Stockholm to Karlstad, became the Zakrisdalsverken, and ceased to manufacture small arms ammunition. At the same time, in 1943, FFV (“Försvarets Fabriksverk”, and from 1970 “Förenade Fabriksverken”) was formed, in which both Karlsborg (later Vanäsverken) and Zakrisdalsverken were included. I’m not sure about the government involvement in FFV, but the omittment of the crown could have something to do with this.