6.5x55 Swedish Terminology


What is the proper terminology for the 6.5x55 Swedish Reduced Range with the small conical bullet? How about the loading with a short pointed CNCS bullet with NORMA NP headstamp? What are the weights of these two bullets?


The official designation for the cartridge you describe with the very short, conical shape, is “6.5 kammarpatron m/12.” It is abbreviated as “6.5 kptr m/12” or simply “6.5 KPTR12.” The bullet weight is nominally 0.6 grams.
It has a velocity of 510 mps.

These are interesting to shoot. They have a loud muzzle blast, perhaps not quite up to a ball round, absolutely no recoil, and at about 10 meters, would not knock down the plates on a steel plate rack (fired from a Model 94 Carl Gustafsstads Carbine), with the plates adjusted to fall to a low velocity, 100 grain .38 Special load, fired from a revolver-length barrel (4-3/4" to 7-1/2").

I don’t have information for the one you describe in the Norma case for Sweden. Could it be a Norwegian loading?

Reference: "V650 Ammunitionsregister f


Here a link on Swedish Ammo:


John–Thank you for the info on the Gallery Practice load. It was exactly the type of info I was looking for. Whenever I can I like to record the “official” name of a loading and not just the English version.

EOD–Thanks for the link for Swedish cartridges. I have bookmarked it for future reference. Unfortunaely my second “mystery” cartridge was not shown on that site.
Here is a VERY crude drawing. I tried to scan the cartridge, but could not get a good enough scan of the bullet to be of any help. The drawing gives at least an impression of the shape of the bullet. It is a lot like the m/44 Short Range, but more pointed and is CNCS. The headstamp is NORMAat 12:00 & NP at 6:00.


I have one with a steel case and what looks like a round-nose jacketed pistol bullet. I was told it was a short-range practice item. Headstamp is “norma SBL”.


I have this same cartridge and, like yourself, I’m very much into establishing the ‘correct’ military designation. I don’t recall where I got the title from but my records show this round to be ‘6.5mm Sk Ptr m/94 Ovn prj m/41’.


Jim - the round you and Ron have with Norma commercial-style headstamp and spire-point CN(CS?) bullet is not loaded with the military


The round Jim posted a picture of is exactly the same as mine. With the clue that this was civilan load instead of military, I went to my file of Norma catalogs and found the following in a 1953 catalog. I think the 93 gr. FMJ load shown is what we have here.


I should have mentioned that the headstamp on my round is different to your’s Ron - my specimen is ’ | 4 | 25 | 4 |’.
I appreciate though that this could well be a civilian reload using a military case.


This cartridge vas used for training by the Danish Shuting Association and it vas reloaded by the
A/S Dansk Ammunitionsfabrik OTTERUP


Nice pictures of the Danish Reload. Since the three extra marks on the headstamp are way too far out from the primer pocket to be primer crimps, can we assume that they are the reload “Headstamp” used by the Danish Ammunition Factory at Otterup?


Hi everybody, I just thought I’d share a pic of mine. Funny how the cases and bullets are the opposite as the ones already posted.
Mine have all clad steel jackets, and all non ferrous cases.

Greetings from AR


Hi Ron & all - for info: Swedish factory drawing + British specs & L11A1 designation. Interesting to note the word ‘assembly’ on this British copy of the Swedish drawing. Wonder if they were loaded in UK - sounds improbable Regards JohnP-C