6.5x55 Swedish tracer production?

Something I’ve been curious about: how late did they produce 6.5x55 tracers in Sweden?

I’ve looked on the Swedish ammunition site & there are no years of production listed. I have personally found examples as late as 1980. My contact in Sweden who works on military weapons has shown me they still have a few MGs in 6.5x55 laying around although their use is quite limited. But that tells me they might have made tracers in 6.5x55 very recently.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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I have examples from 1978 if you are keeping a list of years of manufacture.


It might be worth to keep apart regular cartridges from those intended for Carl Gustaf subcaliber systems as these could be still made today.
Just a thought.

My listed '78 example is a regular white paint over nickel jacket. 78 070 with the four lines at 45, 135, 180 and 235 degrees, fine lines along projectile above case mouth.

No half-black head, just green annulus sealer…


Oh I never considered that EOD. I’m mainly interested in the full power tracers for MG use. It would be interesting to see the years of subcaliber tracers also though.