6.5x55 weight?


Anybody know how many grains (or grams) a Swedish 6.5x55 m/41 ball cartridge weighs?


The Swedish manual “Ammunitionsregister för Armen” shows the weight of 6,5 m/94 Sk ptr with projectil M41 as 22.9 grams. I weighed a specimen headstamped / 7 / / 8 / 027 made by Norma with CNCS Spitzer bullet and it weighted 23.9 grams (369.1 grains).


Thanks, John. I’m surprised to learn it’s that much lighter than 7.62x51 M80 Ball. Figured with the 4mm longer case it’d weigh about the same.


While on the 6.5X55, does anyone have the original Swedish case headspace dimensional tolerances, including the diameter of the datum circle? I understand it is somewhat different than that established by SAAMI which is a 9.27mm datum, and 45.194-0.178mm.