6.5x55mm PPRJ M41 AP Cutaway

Swedish 6.5x55mm sk ptr m94 PPRJ m/41 Armor Piercing with tungsten core


(I tried a link to “The Swedish Military Ammunition Site”, hope it works)


My favorite round, ever. Tjanks for chopping that buddy.


Hi Wolfganggross!

As usual, a superb job done! I only manage to do quite rough jobs, and it is many years since my last cutaway.

Might I be so bold to ask if I can use your image on amkat.se to update my entry on 6,5 AP? I need to make a adjustment on the picture though to fit into the format of the web page, but hope it would still be ok. You will of cause be credited for the picture and job well done.


Yes, please do. I encourage all who wants to use my photo’s to do so, as long as its in a positive ammunition/ gun manner. Free The Knowledge! Thanks for asking…kevin

Thank you so much Kevin!