6.5x57 Mauser by Kynoch?


Can anyone confirm that the 6.5x57 Mauser was produced by Kynoch ?

Much appreciated.


6.5 (.256) Mauser is listed in Appendix D of Kynoch by Dale J. Hedlund, which contains information on the primers used in Kynoch production.



As well as having the 6.5 x 57 in their commercial line, Kynoch also made this calibre in various military loadings, including smoke tracer (incendiary), flame tracer and AP during the 1920s and 30s.



Thanks for the information Christopher and Tony.

Tony - question for you. If Kynoch made 6.5x57 in military loadings - who was it intended for as I didn’t think that the 6.5x57 was adopted by any countries military forces ??

Could not the “6.5 (.256) Mauser” listed not be the 6.5x58 Portuguese Mauser which was definetly produced by Kynoch and is easily confused for the 6.5x57 which is not interchangeable ??

Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks


The 6.5mm x 57 was never made in the UK (it is a German sporting ctg & never adopted as a military ctg).
The 6.5mm x 58 was a military ctg adopted by Portugal and manufactured extensively after WW1 in the UK by Kynoch. Large quantities of military 6.5mm x 58 went to South Africa during the 1920’s and 1930’s. (Earliest Kynoch drawing I have is dated March 1922) I think the post WW1 date may be significant. Where did South Africa acquire these 6.5mm x 58 rifles - Portuguese East Africa?..or was SA supplying ammo to a third party? Does anyone know the historical background? I have a tracer (red stripe across base - + I’ve pulled the blt) was this for MG use???
Was also made with Soft Nose blt.


Sorry, you are right, I was talking about the 6.5mm Mauser for Portugal which I wrongly assumed you were talking about.

Not being a collector of sporting ammo my mind automatically went to the military round.