6,5x58 Portuguese

Hello all,

Forgive my ignorance but this cartridge just arrived mixed in with some other stuff. It seems like a regular 6,5x58 Portuguese with the headstamp ‘KYNOCH 6.5mmM.’ but the matter I don’t understand is the ‘ICI’ marking on the primer. Is this a commercial loading? Was it usual for primers to be thus marked on military contract ammunition? If commercial, was it much used?

In anticipation, Peter

This is a commercial loading. In South Africa (about the only place where you still find the guns) this is quite common, as is the DWM loaded ammo. I also have a Kynoch one with HS “K30 6.5mmM” with a full nickel jacketed round nose bullet which has me baffled. Why was a military contract let to Kynoch in the 1930’s for this cartridge when it was obsolete as a military rifle before the First World War? Sure, some were used in Southern Africa during WW1 but there were all they could get, not first line.


Peter: I have a British commercial 7.63m/m Mauser pistol cartridge also by, I think, Kynoch that also has an ICI-marked primer. I didn’t review this specimen before posting because I hoped someone more up to speed on this topic might reply in detail. I’ve always assumed it was of '30s or perhaps immediate post-1945 manufacture. JG