6.5x65mmRWS and 6.5x65Rmm RWS

To our European friends most likely fairly common in Europe, but first time I have seen in the USA.

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Actually reasonably common here in the US got mine perhaps 30 years ago.

These two sister-cartridges were introduced in 1990. The goal was to be more powerful than the 6.5x57, which is handicapped by a rather low pressure limit, but not as extreme as the 6.5x68.
RWS in its “Wiederladen” manual sort of contradicts itself. The chapter on 6.5x65 praises its lack of a long throat as promoting accuracy. The chapter on the 6.5x57 points out that the length of the throat is not really an obstacle to excellent accuracy.
Be that as it may, empty cases of 6.5x65(R) are no longer offered by RWS. I see this as a sign that we will see the 6.5x65(R) being dropped entirely in the near future.

Note: “old” cartridges, originally intended for long round nose bullets, tend to have long throats. Not only European, but .30-40 Krag and .30-03 are other examples. I still wonder about the exact point in time when the U.S. military switched from the long cal. 30 throat to the short throat that we find in todays SAAMI dimensions for the .30-06. When the re-chambering of M1903 barrels from .30-03 to .30-06 is described (for example by Brophy), there is no mention of changing the throat.

I disagree Pete , I’ll restate that, not a common shooting caliber in the USA, Maybe common to some collectors, more then shooters, who had it imported to sell to other collectors.?
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shoot it or collect it, common