6.5x8R adaptor cartridge, raised A headstamp

Please note: I revised the title of this post to correctly identify this cartridge. It is not a 6mm Flobert as originally identified in the title, but instead is a 6.5x8R adaptor cartridge for use with the 11 Albini subcaliber cartridge.

Does anyone here know what company used a raised A headstamp?


SOCIETE ANONYME POUR LE FABRICATION DES CARTOUCHES & PROJECTILE at Anderlecht, Brussels, Belgium was founded in 1882 from the old Charles Fusnot company. Also generally known as Cartoucherie d’Anderlecht, it operated under a variety of company names until 1914 but did not survive WW1.

“A” represents “Anderlecht” on small caliber cases, mainly IP CF or RF
“S.A” represents “Societe Anonyme des Cartoucheries” was adopted in 1890.
“C.A” represents “Cartoucherie Anderlecht” was adopted in 1893.
“SCB” represents “Societe Anonyme des Cartoucheries, Bruxelles” from 1895
“Ste ANONYME BRUXELLES” represents “Societe Anonyme des Cartoucheries, Anderlecht, Bruxelles”



yes…but is not a 6mm flobert. it is an inside primed CF subcaliber cartridge for the 11mm Comblain guns


My initial search for information on this odd little cartridge turned up nothing, and I had some reservations in referring to it as a rimfire Flobert cartridge due to it’s resemblance to the M20 Ubungsmunition cartridge. Your identifying it as an inside primed 11mm Comblain subcaliber cartridge led me to page 308 of WBD’s European Sporting Cartridges Vol 2 where I found the 5.5x7R adaptor cartridge for the 11mm Comblain that you referred to, as well as a 6.5x8R adaptor cartridge for the 11mm Albini, which is illustrated with the ‘A’ headstamp. Based on the measurements, it appears this is the Albini adaptor. Thanks for getting me headed in the right direction on this.
The measurements of my cartridge are:
Bullet - 6.4mm
Neck - 6.61
Base - 6.64
Rim - 7.91
Case length - 8.78
Overall length - 12.51

Here is the 11 Albini subcaliber cartridge.

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The Belgian designation of this subcaliber cartridge is “Capsule à balle Modèle 1887”. The case is necked to secure a cylindrical pin acting as anvil.

Is it confirmed that this cartridge was made at Anderlecht? I have never seen documentation indicating the meaning of the “A”, but the contract placed with SFM in 1902 was ordered by the École de Pyrotechnie d’Anvers. Also, if this cartridge was manufcatured by SFM, why it was also meant to be headstamped “A”?

The presumption by WBD in his book was the A meant Albini.

I have more information now since I wrote that book.

The same “A” hs is also known on the 5.5x7R.


thats my pic, which I used at egun to sell the cartridges. The box is still in my Possession.
Usually, there should be credit, if pics from other People are used…
I had specially marked the ammo with a sign, which is still to see on the side of the cartridge…
It is made by Societe Anonyme.
The box is filled with the ammo loose, laying in saw-dust to keep them apart.


can it be, that SA was in 1902 a part of SFM, or at least owned in Shares by SFM::
if i read that post here. Headstamp on 7 mm Lefaucheux case
That would at least explain, why the letter A as headstamp was kept…

Peter, my apologies for not noting that this was your original image. I get material from quite a wide range of sources and don’t always note the origin, particularly many years ago. Fede is an example to us all in this regard !

I see this cartridge came up once before.

[Who made this, and is it a Flobert?]

Brad and Peter, thank you very much for the additional information.

I was reading the SFM 1902 contract papers again and now I realize that the manufacturer written in the sample label is “C.R.B” (Cartoucheries Russo-Belges). SFM was commanded to make a label analogue to the Belgian sample and a cartridge with raised “A” headstamp.