6.6 x58.5R Sauer & Son HELP, case = SS 6,6 x 58 1/2


I have just located some old shells marked SS 6,6 x 58 1/2 with the letter N stamped on the head. I cant seem to find much info about these on the web. Does anyone have any info about this shell? Any help greatly appreciated

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This was first introduced c1897 and became better known as the 6.5x58R Sauer and is one of the more popular Sauer cartridges.

The “N” hs represents manufacture from the RWS Nürnberg factory and this hs was used from 1909-> mid 1930’s.


Thank you!..these are probably not worth very much then?



I have a German Drilling gun from the 1920’s 1930’s and i am trying to
figure out the riffling.

The numbers on bottom of the barrel for the riffling are faded.

What I can make out is 6,5mm (this is what the top number looks
The bottom number is hard to make out the first number may be a 5 or
it may not. The second bottom number may be an 8 or a 6 or a 0 or a 3
or a 5 (all i can make out is the bottom half of the numbers) . What
is clear on the bottom number is that at the end of the second number
it has “1/2” marked (a small
number 1 over a small number 2).
Also the S.t.m.G is 8gr.
I suspect that its a 6.5mmx58R, but the “1/2” at the end of the bottom number is confusing)

The shotgun barrels are 16g. 2.5"

I intend to get a casting done by a gunsmith to determine caliber,
however I would like thoughts on what this caliber may be.

Any thoughts you may provide would be
greatly appreciated.

Thank you



1/2 means 0.5 mm . So the meaning of the hds is "6.5 x 58.5 mm " . This,and other 6.5 mm’s are sometimes referred to 6.6 mm , but these are various names for the same cartridge : 6.5 x 58 R mm Sauer

I have a very similar hds on the shorter version of this cartridge , the 6.5 x 48 R mm

" N ss 6,6 x 48 "