6.7mm & 6mm Soft Point?

These were mixed in with some 7mm cartridges. Both cartridges have soft point ammo.
This one I do not recognize:
On the left, 6.7 x 51.35 mm, headstamp “T . M . B-38”, with a very small “0” on the primer.
What is it, and what does the “0” denote?

On the right is 6.03 x 59.85 mm, headstamp "W.R.A.CO. 6 M/M U.S.N.
What would be the date, and when didWRA make hunting [?] ammo for the 6mm Navy rifle?
Was that cartridge chambered in commercial rifles?
Thanks, all!

TM B38 6.5x52 Italian, inspector Mr.M.T
, Bologna ammunition factory, 1938.
Looks like a replaced sporting projectile, or a frangible guard or short range target cartridge.

6mm US Navy M1895 Lee cartridge, soft point commercial cartridge.

Doc AV

Winchester made the Lee navy rifle in both military and sporting versions. The sporting ammunition would have been suitable not only for the sporters but for the surplused navy issue rifles. Jack

I was thinking 6.5 Carcano ammo, but had nothing to compare it to.
I need to do some more research on those rounds, for different loadings, esp the soft point.

Any idea when the 6mm Navy soft point would/might have been loaded?

I did a little searching, but did not find any info on civilian made rifles.
I missed a chance at a very nice 6mm Lee Navy last year with a NICE bore, still kicking myself over that one!


Is there any significance to the very small “0” stamped into the primer of the 6.5 Italian?

B Jack: I think WRA made fewer of the sporters than of the Navy issue rifle, but they are out there. Not sure when production of the 6 m/m ammunition ended, but probably in the '20s.