6.8 Sherwood

Bachstein Consulting designed the 6.8 Sherwood to meet the level of performance required by the Army for the NGSW program. 6.8 Sherwood has more internal case volume than 7.62mm and other cartridges derived from 7.62mm, allowing for more performance potential. 6.8 Sherwood is compatible with 7.62mm bolts and bolt carriers, no special modifications are required


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" While the Army provided a specification for desired ammunition performance and a 6.8mm projectile they have not provided a fully fleshed out round for the NGSW submission to be designed around. Instead, they have allowed companies to develop their own ammunition around the 6.8mm projectile. VK Integrated Systems’ new rifle fires a round called 6.8 Sherwood. The ammunition was designed by Bachstein Consulting to meet the army’s desired performance levels. The cartridge case is derived from .284 Winchester’s case “allowing for more performance potential”. Kapogianis told us that “6.8 Sherwood will meet the Army’s lethality needs out of a 16″ barrel,” and that they are currently “just above the desired capability and functions in hot and cold.” Bachstein Consulting are also currently working on an upgrade to the round, but VK Integrated Systems couldn’t share much more about the rounds specs and final velocities. They did confirm, however, that Bachstein Consulting are developing loads for commercially available projectiles."