6.8mm SPC with Crimped Primer

History refresher: Around 2004 with the help of a few Special Forces Officers, Remington Arms Company offered the U.S. Military the (then new) 6.8 SPC cartridge (SPC for Special Purpose Cartridge) for evaluation by U.S. Military in response to their request for a cartridge with a terminal energy more nearly like the 7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester) while retaining the low recoil of the 5.56 NATO (.223 Remington). The project was dropped by the military due to cost, etc…

LONG STORY SHORT: soon after Remington offered the general public the same cartridge around 2005 (as I recall?).
I ordered a case of 10 boxes 115 grain OTM (JHP) and a case of 10 boxes of 115 grain MC (FMJ) to sell singles and for use in my AR-15 upper for the caliber…

Not long after that, I was checking out the case of OTM cartridges and noticed two of the boxes in the case of 10 boxes had crimped primers. I put the two boxes aside and forgot about them for the last 14 years of so, until I just found them.

I assume, and I shouldn’t that MAYBE for some reason or error, Remington filled some of Boxes for the general public with ammunition that was for the U.S. Military Military trials. I really have no idea as to why.

If any of our members with Remington or Military connections can enlighten us, please do.

Below is picture of the 3 crimp primer, I have not seen these available anywhere, not saying they are rare, just have not seen them

Can’t tell you, but mine also has a red annulus seal, & it appears yours does too.

yes both the crimped and plain primers have red sealant, seems to be more on the crimped.
Most likely many of the crimped primer versions were produced, but not available to the general public ??? I have no idea ?
Interesting little mystery on the crimps in the retail packages.

I am under the impression that the 6.8 mm currently discussed in U.S. Army circles is not the 6.8 mm SPC but a much more powerful cartridge designed to penetrate current Class IV body armour at 300 m.
Reported bullet mass is 135 gr (8.75 g) and muzzle velocity in excess of 1000 fps (914 m/s). All that achieved from the currently fashionable extremely short barrel lengths (14-16 in, 355-406 mm), which will require to use very high pressures.
I look forward to the comments of those in the military now whining about the unacceptable recoil of 7.62 NATO after shooting this new 6.8 mm cartridge. Not to mention muzzle report, which will require significantly redesigned hearing protection to avoid permanent damage. Or giving up the niceties of a short barrel for a suppressor.

My impression this was tested but found wanting & so nothing further was done with it for the military.

Pete, I remember some press releases which stated that spec ops units were using this caliber in field tests (Iraq and Afghanistan or so).
I am sure it can be found online.

Thanks Alex, I got that wrong & shall delete that bit

I missed that article, and was think it was the same 6.8 SPC as I figure that title would be copyrighted by Remington?
If any one sees this new 6.8 SPC please let us know.
EOD , yes I saw the article on test of the Remington 6.8 SPC in Iraq and Afghanistan.
I also saw an article that the DEA is using the 6.8 SPC, not sure if the older Remington 6.8 SPC or the new 6.8 SPC item JPeelen is writing about.
Thanks to all

Sig has developed a two-piece-case cartridge designated 6,8x51. There are pictures of the MMG and carbine firing the round at:


Ay, that must of been the caliber the article I read was talking about that6 read 6.8.
My error. Can we call it the .270/.308 Wildcat :-)
Looks similar to the Hornady 6.5 PRC.

Is there better images and dimensions of that 6.8x51?

I wonder how close it is to the Russian 6.7x51.

Another one to look for, thanks again.

Do not hold your breath. They are not around even in Russia.
Outside of Russia I know of 2 NPE cases.

Like I’ve pointed out before, this just makes me think of the Homologous project line…


Thanks for the all the input, as it was confusing on some other forums.,
Looks like the 6,8 SPC by Remington is not being reconsidered, by the military
it is the 6.8x51 Hybrid to be use in the Sig rifle
I will have to learn more about idea behind a piece case construction.

Don’t forget the 300 PRC , that is also being considered.

The .300 PRC was adopted by the US Military in December, 2018 and Hornady was awarded the contract to produce .300 PRC ammunition for the US Military.

And while on the subject of recently adopted cartridges the 6.5 x 49mm Creedmoor adoption by the US Military was announced in May, 2018.

With all these adoptions of various different calibers of ammunition by the U.S. Military, if they are all going to be put into actual field use, we will be looking like the Chinese Army in Korea, that used small arms in at least 15 or 20 different calibers. A supply sergeant’s nightmare. JMHO.

What are all the new ones even?
John, you are very right, it will be a complete mess in 10 years’ time when they have approved 20 new meme/boutique cartridges.

.338 NM, .300 PRC, 6,5 Creedmoor, 6,8x51 SIG, 6,5/6,8 telescopic, etc…