6.8x43 Spanish?

In the current issue of Small Arms Review there is an article by Jean Huon on the Spanish CETME rifles. One brief comment at the end caught my attention, concerning the CETME Modelo XR. This is being developed in response to a 2008 Spanish Government request for a new rifle. The gun is expected to commence production in 2016. The article has this to say about the calibre:

“After having considered the use of telescoped ammunition, they retain a conventional 6.8x43 cartridge similar to the 6.8mm Remington SPC.”

This prompts a couple of obvious questions:

  • Is Spain seriously considering adopting a 6.8mm cartridge?

  • What does “similar to the 6.8mm Remington SPC” mean? In what way does it differ?


I’ll ask around. This early in the morning all my brain can think of is that they’ll use a ‘variant’ that’s functionally interchangeable or identical. It’s possible that ‘their 6.8’ is to avoid any issues or extra $$ involved with Remington on trademark, licensing, etc.

I’m thinking along the lines of .223 Remington vs. 5.56 NATO? Similar, but different enough to matter in some small ways?

Tony, this rifle and ammunition does not exist and is one of those “web inventions” which include some sort of realistic development story, drawings, etc. A recent book on CETME assault rifles has a description and illustrations of a “revolutionary” CETME design from the 1960’s which in fact was invented by some guy from a role game website.

Isn’t it hard enough keeping up with all the new stuff coming out, plus worrying about fakes or reproductions, so now we have to worry about stuff just floating around just in the ether of the internet?

Thanks Fede!

A salutary warning that even the most knowledgeable can be caught out by a convincing fake!

z4.invisionfree.com/NSDraftroom/ … wtopic=314

Even though the “alternate history” article has factual history laying the groundwork for development of the fictional 6.8mm CETME XR, it is clearly labeled as being invented for a role-playing game.

BTW, to which recent book are you referring?

The title of the book is “CETME, 50 años del fusil de asalto español” (CETME, 50 years of the Spanish assault rifle) by Lucas Molina Franco and José María Manrique García. Spanish language only, about 300 pages, lots of pictures.

Thanks, Fede. If a bit of fictional history and a few line drawings can cause authors to go astray, imagine the confusion that a real – and beautifully made – fake rifle might cause: