6.8x57 Chinese Military caliber, not just the 5.8mm?


Mr. Teak, tonite in St. Louis you said no 6.8 Chinese Military, only 2 different (5.8mm) not what "Cartridges of the World, 11Th edition says, page 348 (6.8x57mm) although they say it is the only .277 military cartridge, which isn’t fair to the Remington, 6.8 SPC ? The 6.8 remington SPC is only in the field test stage in Afghanistan ( to my limited knowlegde) so maybe Cartridges of the World, 11Th. edition wasn’t familiar with the caliber, before it went into print early 2006. I only wish both the 2 (5.8mm) and the 1(6.8mm) Chinese show up in the USA at fair prices, so the aveage poor middle class collector can afford one. This should be a hobby for all in the USA. My Best, Dave , www.ammo-one.com )