6 and 9 Flobert with human head hstp

Have you ever seen Flobert ctges with this hstp ??


Hi JP.

That is another new one to me. I have seen over 600 different Flobert headstamps and am amazed that new ones keep turning up on a regular basis. I will pull out my SFM drawings of headstamps and have a look again.

The quality of many of the SFM headstamps is coin quality engraving. That is part of what makes them so interesting.

Keep the unknown headstamps coming please! You are getting me excited!!! Now we just have to find specimens.


have you seen the one with the bell ?

I have not seen the bell with the letters either. Both are new to me.

i have new info.
it is a registred trade mark “Libertad” for M.R.L in South America.
Oerhaps Fede has some info ?