6 inch B.L.R. Riveted Head Cartridge Cases, WRA Co Drawings, 1890


Here are views of two Interesting drawings by WRA Co, June, 1890, showing two types of 6 inch breech-loading rifle riveted cartridge cases. One type has a steel head riveted to a brass cup and the other type has a brass head riveted to a brass cup.

Drawing # 1, steel head, brass cup, shows a view of the riveted head on the left, a cross section of the cartridge case in the center and the wood disc on the right.

Enlarged view of the cartridge case cross section showing case construction.

Drawing # 2, all brass cartridge case, enlarged view of the cartridge case showing case construction.

Was this a WRA Co. design based on Hotchkiss (or others) riveted head cartridge cases? Or was WRA Co merely creating a drawing record/file of Hotchkiss (or others) cartridge case types/designs?

Any input is welcome.