6 mm Andreux

I have a 6 mm Andreux C.F. cartridge in very good conditions.Is anybody there who can tell me something about this cartridge ( its collector value too)

These were originally thought to be either the 5.75mm Velo-Dog Short or a 6x12R French Adaptor/Subcaliber cartridge. This cartridge has now been positively identified as used in the 6mm Andreux School Training Rifle. This was a reduced size Gras Rifle. The Velo-Dog short does exist but has an even shorter case.

Gevelot packets exist with the text “Pour Fusil Scolaire Andreux”. No SFM manufacture is confirmed or factory drawing is known and all known examples have no hs.

In the 1980’s and 90’s these would sell for about $30-40US equivalent but you used to be able to pick these up in Europe for about $20US about 8 years ago when a packet must have been broken up. Now they are back closer to around $40US equivalent.


Some pictures of 6 mm Andreux cartridges and packets.


I paid 10 euro for it 2 years ago.My cartridge is like the ones in the photo above

I have also some blank loads hs Gaupillat paris for the Gras scolaire.I believed that scolaire round would have been loaded only with blank loads