6 mm Bosquette

Has somebody in his collection a 6 mm Bosquette (not a 22 ) Tracer ?
I didn’t kow it was existing till I discovered it in a catalogue.
Unfortunately no more info on it, except it is from Gevelot and made shortly after WWII.

New info:

In fact it is from 1934, has GG hstp, and is called : Comete.
The bullet is hollow point.

Hello JP,

Is this what you are looking for?

The picture of the box is a scan I got when I puchased the cartridge.

The Cartridge has a green painted tip but does not appear have a hollow point. It came from the box.

The headstamp is an intertwined raised “GG”


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the info : green painted tip (non hollow point).

There is one (hollow point bullet) but I dont know if if the tip is painted.
The box is slighty different.