6 mm Flobert with hstp SP

Here is the meaning of the hstp SP on 6 mm Flobert.

It means Souzy et de Lacam

And it was manufactured by SFM


Hi JP.

I have that down as Speafico of Argentina. Did SFM make these for Speafico on contract or did Speafico make them? Perhaps Fede can shine a little more light or fogg onto this.


helo Will
I don’t know right now for Speafico.
I am only at number 132 on 3000 or more.
Perhaps the writting is not the same.
Here is the mark


Check the writting of the SP on your Speafico specimen to see if it is the same


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the cases “SP” by 9 mm Flobert was manufactured by S.F.M for Scorzato Hermanos & Cia.
There are some variants of 12.75 mm long that are believed to have been made by Orbea Hermanos.

(sorry for my bad English)

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Hello Martin,

I have corrected my post because there was a picture of the S hstp instead of a picture of the SP hstp.

Concerning SP hstp made for Scorzato Hermanos by SFM:

  1. I don’t know right now because I am at the beginning of the customers.

  2. No time right now to check my library and my collection

  3. Therefore you can check if the writting is the same as on your Scorzato specimen;

  4. I am talking of 6 mm and not 9 mm

What I tell you right now is the fact the SP hstp shown on a 6 mm Flobert was made for Souzy and de Lacam. (100% sure)


JP, the Scorzato “SP” headstamp is found in both 6 and 9 mm, but it is slightly different.