6 x 35 tswg

Please, can some body provide some information about this cartridge? Thank very much in advance

This 65grs V-MAX round (2,425 fps) is special made by Hornady Manufacturing Inc. for the Knight Armament Corporation (KAC) Personal Defence Weapon.

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TSWG: Technical Support Working Group


The cartridge is roughly a .221 Fireball necked up.

I have the cartridge in my collection…
But no info sorry !!!


Thanks very much all for your reponses.
Only a question more, Which is the price in the collector market?

Jose–They run between $10-$20 each. I paid $10,00 for one about 2 years ago, but I have seen them sell at auction for $25.00. My scanner is not working right now, but as soon as I get it back on line I will send you a scan of the box.

If it is simply a necked up 221 Remington,it is the commercial or proprietary version of an older wildcat called 6 mm - 221 Remington , as Ray could confirm