6 x 47 Boxes

Early and late boxes.

Are there others?


Was Federal the only manufacturer of this cartridge?Do plain brass cases exist?
I have seen the nickel plated Federal ones only


As far as I know all of the brass was made by Federal and all was nickel plated.

But, I’m trying to find out if anyone has seen any other.


Do your cartridges have the same headstamps?

My samples are headstamped " F C 6 x 47 mm"
Could you date them?I actually don’t know very much about this cartridge.
I only know that some years ago it was used by bench rest shooters

All of my nickeled cases are headstamped F C 6 x 47mm.

When formal Benchrest shooting first started in 1944 virtually all rifles were chambered for one of the popular 22 caliber wildcat cartridges. In the late 1950s a “Sporter” class was started which required a cartridge of 6mm or larger. Most shooters simply necked up their favorite 22 case and a whole new family of wildcats was born. One of the most popular was the 6 x 47 which is the 222 Rem Mag necked up with no other changes. It was the most popular 6mm cartridge until the 6 PPC came along in the mid 1970s. Remington even made rifles for the 6 x 47 but I don’t think anyone ever made factory cartridges, so it was always a semi-wildcat.

I’m not positive when Federal started making the nickeled cases. I think it was sometime in the late 1960s. The red boxes date from the 1970s. Not too many shooters used the new case and when the PPC started to dominate, the 6 x 47 quickly died out, although there are still shooters who will use it at a match, once in a while, mostly for nostalgia.