60/50 cartridge for sale "FA * 44"


Update - This item is in Pete DeCoux’s current auction

I have one 60/50 cartridge for sale in original loaded condition as far as I can tell. It has a live primer, and what appears to be a typical steel-core 50bmg bullet, however there is no powder in the case. The crimp looks right though. I have no collecting experience with these larger rds and am just passing them on to collectors. I have had a couple offers on the lot of 5 various anti-tank cartridges I have total, and a few individual. No condition issues with this one. Make an offer. Thanks


looks like a HPT case with the tinning. Also appears to have a wee bit of black paint on the bullet tip. (found with an AP bullet)


If you mean “High Pressure Test” as far as HPT, I’m not sure, it’s very light and seems like there’s no powder, but the projectile has not been pulled and replaced as far as I can tell. It all looks original. Wouldn’t an HPT be packed to the gills with powder and be a little heavier?


After getting some more info on this, people are telling me that it appears to be a tinned proof-load. I still don’t know how to explain the powder / weight issue


anzio arms builds a gun that shoots the 50cal/20mmvulcan round now full case necked down to a 50 cal


I should mention that this load, along with a couple other oddball anti-tank / test AP loads I had are in the upcoming DeCoux auction


when is the next auction from Pete and are catalogs already available ?