.60 Cal "FA 45" dummy

I got this dummy today and found the following thread about .60 Cal viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5988&hilit=60cal&start=0. It appears that the earliest headstamp is 1944 and the latest is 1951. So the testing went for at least 7 years before being discontinued. My round is labeled “very rare”. I assume that 7 years of testing and shooting would require a lot of ammo being made. So is it really rare or just a selling gimmick?

I would not classify that as a rare round at all.


Hi Vlad
the first headstamp was CAL.60 [over] W.R.A.
and the earliest date I have is:

CAL. .60
LOT 11347
W.S.M.CO. 43
It is also inert.
Other early Cal. 60 I have are a S L 44 in a dummy & a HPT with a FA 45 headstamp

HWS Vol II has a chapter on these.

As to how rare, definitely uncommon, but if vary rare means less that 5 rounds known, then not very rare. I’d say hard to find, if in a proof or some other uncommon load one might be very scarce, but I doubt any of the FA 45’s are rare. Hope that is some help?

The earliest round I have is from 1941. Headstamp per below.

CAL. .60
LOT 6785
W.S.M.CO. 41


The FA 45 markings appear to be cut by some sort of rotary cutter, not stamped. Is this normal for this type case?