60 Jingal headstamp


Hi; Can anyone give me any information on this 60 Jingal headstamp. I took the scan from CARTRIDGE HEADSTAMP GUIDE by H.P. White and B.D. Munhall (1963). It is the same as the 60 Jingal in my collection and I hope something else has come to light since 1963.


Well, you’ve just added some information, yourself - it’s no longer “UNKNOWN Type of ammunition” - and thank you very much for that!


In Issue 420 of the IAA Journal Bin Shih and I did an article on Chinese small arms ammunition headstamps from 1880 to 1950. This headstamp is pictured and identified as being from the Tientsin Arsenal, which is also referred to as the Bei Yang Arsenal. tientsin appears to have been a major producer of ammunition for the Chinese forces, and all 60 Jingal headstamps I have documented are from this arsenal with dates of 1896, 1897 and 1898. The round JackMack pictures is dated 1898. All of these rounds seem to have come out of China as a result of the Boxer Rebellion (from the dates) when the arsenal was partially destroyed and then occupied the the allies. The headstamp identifies the arsenal using a version of the Bei Yang name and an old version of the Chinese date. The FF symbol with the two "F"s back to back is typical of almost all Tientsin production and has also been documented on 6.5 Japanese and 8mm (M88) Mauser ammunition. If anyone has encountered it on other calibers, I’d be interested in a photo!!!

It is interesting to note that the Jingal was a common weapon in China and at least some arsenals retained the capability to build them into the 1930s according to contempory accounts, but the 60 Jingal cartridges from Tientsin from these three dates are the only headstamp rounds encountered in spite of some evidence that Jingal rounds were probably made by every arsenal operating in the late 1800s.