6000yd shot

Very, Very, VERY impressive

I did my farthest shooting at 1094 yd (1000 m), was not exactly good at it, and therefore anyone could call me biased.
On the other hand, if I understand the description in connection with this world record correctly, the 21st of a sequence of shots actually was the first one that hit the target at all and this achievement was declared a word record.
There is a valid reason in my opinion that real world athletes to not consider unique results as the measure of capability, but the ability to repeat top results again and again over an entire season. The late Lones Wigger, for example, comes to mind as a shooter who achieved top results in reproducible conditions again and again over many years. Frankly, in my mind, this is an achievement, but not hitting a target on the 21st shot.


I was just reading Norman Friedman’s Naval Firepower book on battleship fire control and gunnery development. To make the 6000 yard shot really impressive, they should use a moving target and then try to hit it while riding in the back of a moving truck! (just kidding of course)

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After 21 shots he hits it once on a 38 by 42 inch steel plate. Im sorry but i cant say im that impressed. sure its not easy but if you keep throwing stuff at it you are sure to hit it at some point


Even a blind sow finds an acorn once in awhile.


Yeah…not that impressive. Give me that kind of money and impressive firepower and I can miss just as well. Seems like a bit of luck was at play.

My party trick used to be knocking over the “Falling Man” target at 600 yards with a Ruger 10/22 … with a good low-power 'scope once you knew which bit of sky to aim for it was reasonably easy to do … as long as the wind was from behind you.

A 6,000 yard “record” would be to have a 3 consecutive shot string, all on the target, not a random single-shot … but I’m sligtly envous of their equipment and the range they have and it must have been fun trying.


Means if I’ll try with a machine gun at 6001 yards and sooner or later will hit something I will get rewarded?

in the states it seems so.

Please make the target an Afgan village and your veapon a 30mm GAU-8!!!
If y’all hit i’ll ship a side of nice homesmoked bacon your way ;-)

Lets have a fact about a truly nice long shot that did some good to boot
In June 2017 The Toronto Globe+ Mail reported that 2 snipers assigned
to joint task force 2 Canadas elite special forces unit,had shot an Islamic
State fighter in Irak at a distance of 3540 meters or 3871 yard.The sniper
team was stationed on top of a highrise building,when it took the shot
wich took almost 10 second to reach the target.The sniper and his spotter
had used a Mc Millen TAC-50 50 heavy cal.sniper rifle according to the Globe+ Mail.The kill was verified by video and other data.
Like it or not those Cannucks can still count to the best I am proud


Guess I should read more carefully before congratulating this 20 shot miss record.

I agree with JPeelen. I also don’t think you can call anything a world record without a set of standards to make it so… BUT, it’s the internet and you can hype anything as world record.

That said, it took them 20ish rounds to work up to a hit at 6000 yards. That’s impressive.

50bmg m33 ball at 3000fps, 4000yds drops 1455ft. I don’t know that it would even make 6000yds, but maybe it would at 30deg incline or whatever optimal is.

I’ve shot some at 1000yds. It’s a lot of fun to do all the research, load testing and calculations and walk up, guess the wind and get on target with just a couple of rounds. (not saying I’m good at it by any means)

Of course EOD you get rewarded if its a bullseye I will double up on the
homesmoked bacon but make sure the place is a parking lot

Sherryl, bullseye is entirely possible, just a question of rounds fired! :-)

30x173 violates the rules of a WORLD RECORD… er wait, what are the rules?


Brings on the old saying; While theres lead in the air, you’ve got a chance…