606 Mammoth

Today , in the spanish forum of “municion.org” I saw for fist time the 606 Mammoth. What is “that”? Can some body give me some information of this cartridge? origin, powder type, kind of primer.
Thanks in advance

I took a look to Jordi’s forum too.That cartridge should be the 577 Tyrannosaur necked up to .60" . Note:not 620" like the 600 NE , because “in california cartridges calibers larger than .60” are illegal , so this is the largest diameter legally available"
The 606 M. was created by a Californian hunter and cases are now made by Horneber with custom hds

I have 2 different 606 Mammoth cartridges in my collection. One is what I call the 1st type. This is a straight walled case with a .620" dia. bullet. According to what I have been told this was the original design. But as mentioned already, because of legal problems the cartridge was re-designed to use a .599" dia bullet. This cartridge I call the second type and it is a necked cartridge. This all may or may not be true it is just what I was told.

Here’s a .606 Mammoth (.599 Bullet) in between a .700 NE and a .600 NE.

Undoubtedly it is a necked up 577 T-Rex case.

I guess I need to learn how to post pics on this site. I tried to post a pic of both of my 606s. I don’t understand how.
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Zac–Go here for instructions on posting pictures.


OK. lets see if this works. Here should be a pic of the two 606 Mammoths in my collection.