60mm Mortar thingy


I am familiar with the mortar ignition cartridge on the left in this picture. Can anyone tell me what the item is on the right?

Top wads - little summary from IAA forum

Guy, the right one is held in the fin tail by a special screw with a primer. So it is basically for the same purpose as the left one.

Here some images:



EOD beat me to the punch with cool pictures to boot!

For what it’s worth…

The M5 and later M5A1 replaced the M4 (modified 24 ga.) cartridge. The M5 is red or yellow and the M5A1 is indicated by the combination yellow/red colors. The M5 and M5A1 use a separate base that is screwed into the tail of the mortar round (Percussion Primer M32). There is a similar evolution of the M3 to M6 cartridges for the 81mm mortar useing 12 ga. sized shells/tubes.