.65 Gatling lead bullet

Hello everyone,

Bought this for a few dollars on a whim and is far outside my normal interest. Can anyone possibly ID what this could be from? Its made of solid Lead and was dug up in the UK by a metal detector on a beach, hence the crusted on corrosion.

-Width: 16.7mm
-Length: 46.7mm
-Weight: 90g
-Rifling grooves: 7 (as best I can tell)
-.50BMG AP projectile for scale in the last photo

It’s got a half-dome shape pressed into the bottom and has a groove approximately 12mm from the bottom of the projectile. It’s slightly lopsided on the bottom as well so doesn’t sit straight upright.

Thank you and best regards,

Hi Rhys,

Amazing, looks like you found a .65 Gatling bullet!




Wow thank you for the quick response Fede!

A quick google search brings up this cartridge, is that correct?

Are these cartridges particularly rare, or any chance of possibly finding a case?

It looks like I have some research to do, thank you very much! :grin:


Tony Edwards:


I’ve not seem a drawn brass version of this but most likely one in southern AZ.
Of the coiled I know of perhaps 5 or 6 here in the US & some of which are coal-dust dummies.

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Seems like quite the uncommon case then! What do you mean by “coal dust dummy” as well?

The British would use coal dust to load into dummy cases, that would give them (I suppose) the approximate weight of a loaded case but be inert. Made in a number of cases, Snider, 577/450 Martini Henry, .402 MG & .45 MG, I’ve not seen a .303" labeled as such but think those exist too.

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Very interesting! That’s a new type of cartridge I had not heard of!

If anyone is interested, it turns out the seller has a second (atleast) recovered bullet. If anyone here is interested I can send the link to it. :grin:

another from our last sale.