6mm APX drawing help

I tried my best but I still couldn’t find any clearer image.If someone have a clearer version,may I have a look at it?
Many thanks!Drawing-of-the-6-mm-APX-1893-6-x-62-mm-R-cartridg

This is the rimmed one, and I knew only a few specimens.
I try to get the pics out and will mail them to you. As they are private possessions, I cannot pic them here…
There is also a 6x60 rimless one…

Thank you very much!The 6×60mm rimless is also a great information for me,I’ve never heard of it before

Here’s mine:

And this copy of the drawing above might be clearer:

What happened??? I looked at that super pic, went away for a sec, came back and it was gone!
Can we get it back up?

Here ya go Jon.

Below is JP’s photo missing in the post listed above, 6.1x62R Puteaux cartridge on the left.

Sorry, but the case drawing posted by jonnyc links to the very same forum file


that was posted by Magnum at the beginning of this thread. Hard to conceive how it could be an improved version.

The one I posted just seems a bit clearer to me.

Something must have gone wrong with uploading your image.
When you right-click on the image, a menu appears of which the top choice says something like “Show image” (Grafik anzeigen in my German language Firefox). If you click on it, an new browser window appears with only the selected image in it.

The top entry field where you normally enter the www…com web addresses (called URL) shows the link to the commercial image file server the forum uses.
No matter which of the two images you choose, the URL is the same. In other words, the same file is accessed, not two different files.