6mm Bosquette mit Spitzkugel by Utendoerffer

original closed box. By the description it should contain 6mm BOSQUETTE Type rimfires. Means with a brass base and inserted copper case. Headstamp not known, but most probably the oak-mark of RWS.
What is wondering me, that on the side Label is written: Grosses Kaliber (Big /largecaliber)…what that should mean, as the caliber is only 6mm

here the pics

Interesting, it shows a 6mm but “Grosses Caliber”, could it perhaps mean a higher pressure / high velocity loading? Or is it just sales point to sway the buyer into thinking it has more power/ better killing/ accuracy?

What does “Sorte A.2” mean / refer to?

Those two additional markings on the side label indicate that it is loaded with a bullet of increased diameter intended for precision rifles. Also listed as “special size” and “stärkeres Kaliber”.

The French variants of this cartridge were also made with various bullet diameters.



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Learn something new every day here!

Yes,something new every day…
Here is a 250 box - Sorte A.
Can anyone give us a translation?
I guess “unubertroffen” means that there doesnt exist anything better than these…

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“von vorzüglicher Güte
in Präzision, Gleichmässigkeit
und Reinheit der Zündmasse”
Of merituous quality,
in precision, regularity
and pureness of the priming mix.

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“Sorte A” was the basic type of 5.9 mm caliber for precision rifles -instead of “Sorte C” of 5.6 mm caliber for Flobert rifles-, that was later divided into A1 to A9 depending of the bullet number used.

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This is not (saying) Bosqette,but has a number 9B.
Is this SORTE B?

Fede could you give us a clue of the difference between 1-2-3…8-9 bullets are?

Probably from H.Utendorffer,with Norwegian text:
250 cartridges with double culot for Salon gun?
And in circel :.
1000 shots can be fired with these cartridges without cleaning
Cartridges with rifled and selflubricant bullets

hi, you stated: It is not Bosquette", but the box says: with double cases.(med dobbelte Hylsen, which is the type of the Bosquette in the original French descriptions…

So, what do you mean with "not Bosquette! ?



Hello Peter!
I simply meant that the name Bosquette isn`t written anywhere on the box!
Nor is it saying 6mm or any caliber…

Nobody has any clue of what the 9B is?