6mm bullet ID

recently I found this bullet - on left. Unfortunatelly it’s broken on bottom so weighing dont make any sense. Is that possible to ID it? Diameter: 6mm, Lenght: ~13mm. Propably something German/Austrian. 7,63 Mauser to comparision.

Weighing the bullet DOES make sense, regardless of the amount of bullet loss due to erosion or other damage.

On the face of it, with the comparison of the known 7.63 Mauser bullet in mind, it appears to be a pistol bullet from a Caliber 6.35 mm Browning (.25 A.C.P.; .25 Auto) Cartridge. That would be the most commonly encountered bullet like it, I think. There are other experimental, or not widely produce, cartridges that it could be from, though.

John Moss

@JohnMoss Thank You! Next time I will know to weigh it even if :)