6mm cane cartridge by GG

Does anyone here know what cartridge this is. I’m assuming it’s a cane cartridge. The overall length on this one is 1.439" and the case length is 1.182." I’ve seen a few similar example going through old threads but I haven’t seen one this long.


I believe it is a 5.6 PORTEE Manufactured by GEVELOT & GAUPILLET

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Thanks! I just went through the Buttweilers catalogues and they have one listed as a 6mm. I was able to track down a few others out there. Would these have been used in cane guns?

Hi Ian,

Boxes are labeled “Cartouches cal. 6 m/m à balle double culots Btés. S.G.D.G. pour tir de précision à longue portée” and catalogs specify it was meant for shooting at 100 and 200 meters in special rifles with long chamber.

From SFM 1912 catalog:

In Argentina it used to be a very popular cartridge in conjunction with “La Francotte” rifles, and even these days a lot of people keeps asking for shooting ammunition in this caliber.



Sorry. Can’t help you with that answer.

Thank you both for replying. When the Portee was originally mentioned in this thread I thought about the WW1 Portee guns both those are very different. Thanks for your input and expertise.

This may be it?

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