6mm experimental

A completed cartridge with 5.8×42mm,developed by the factory 861

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I understand this is a 6mm casless then?
Is a development year or the gun known?

To be honest it looks more like a 7.62mm.

The cartridges at the top are 7.62mm caseless cartridges,the cartridges at the bottom are 6mm cartridges.
Developed since 1971

Ok, this is a bit confusing.

Top is 7.62mm caseless and bottom is 6mm and not 5.8x42?

What is the 6mm case length?

Which years apply to the 7.62mm and which to the 6mm ?

They are not 5.8×42mm,the case length is unknown.
The caseless cartridge develooed from 1970,the 6mm cartridge developed from 1971.

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Very interesting!

And both are by factory #861?

Yes.They were both developed by the factory 861