6mm Flobert/22 blank primed cartridges

Here are two 6mm Flobert/22 RF primed turned brass cartridges with round rubber ball bullets.

The larger one has a rim diameter of 12.75mm, case diameter of 11.92 mm, a case length of 13.1 mm and a 11.75mm rubber ball. The smaller one on the right has a rim of 10.96 mm, case diameter of 9.96mm, a case length of 11.9 mm and a 8.85mm ball.

Base of smaller cartridge on right.

Both are primed with copper Sellier Bellot 6mm Flobert/22 RF blanks. No powder is present.

Any ideas what they are?


Hi Paul,

They are less-lethal cartridges made in Hungary by Keserű Művek Fegyvergyár. The big one is designated 12 mm KO and the smaller one 10 mm KO.



Fede, have you ever seen boxes for these?

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Thanks again


Alex, yes, but I don’t have pictures at hand. The 12 mm is marked “10 db. Gumilövedekes töltény 12 x 6/12 R”.



What firearm are these intended for?

Is the firing pin slightly offset to make use of conventional ammunition more difficult?