6mm Flobert Blank by Pobjeda for "Fury"

I just came across this image of 6mm Flobert blanks made by Pobjeda for “Fury”. Offered by “Manufacturing Research” but these must be quite old stocks or just minor quantities left over from where so ever.
By now I assume “Fury” to be a US company but can not find much in the web.
Does anybody know more?


I dont think these are made for a company called FURY in the USA,
See attached cut from their website, it looks like FURY is Brand name and made in Yugoslavia
They are currently on sale by this company.


Hi Alex and Jim,

It was made in 1986 for Shell Stores, Corp. in Ridgefield, New Jersey, doing business as “Joy Enterprises”.

This company still exists: https://www.joy-247.com/



Jim, I think this is just a missinterpretation by them like most people do when they see a box like this.
Everything made back then was named as Pobjeda production unless it was for export. And there it was a going practice to put on any name the customer wanted (we have plenty of Pobjeda made .22 in Germany for blank firing guns and they all have German markings and “manufacturers” given - i.e. trade houses and their logos on the boxes)

The only manufacturer in Yugoslavia was Pobjeda back then and also Yugoslavia as a state does not exist since 2003 anymore. Pobjeda Gorazde is located in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH).
And BiH exists as an independent state since 1992 already. Means the offered cartridges are at least 26 years old.

Opps, Fede was faster while I was writing…

Thanks for the clarification!

I know I’m late with this but this is the starter’s pistol these blanks are used in.

I can add that Joy Enterprises offered these blanks with a Fury brand 8-shot starter revolver made by Mondial in Italy, that was the same revolver offered by Pobjeda in Yugoslavia.