6mm Flobert Tin

Does anyone have additional information on J.P. Hosterey?
The only information I could find is in the Cartridge Headstamp Guide by White and Munhall.

This is a copy I had on file but it is Aaron’s research, not mine.
Maybe others can add to this. A nice tin.

According to “Explosivstoffabriken in Deutschland” by Friedrich Trimborn, Hösterey started production in 1849. It took part in the standardization of the M/71 primer in 1873 and in 1884 it had 30 employees.
Due to its location within the city of Barmen (today part of Wuppertal), authorities decided that the danger to the public was unacceptable and closed down the factory in May 1911. The company was then sold to Lindener Zündhütchen (Egestorff).