6mm Francotte Automatique


In what type of firearm was 6mm Francotte Automatique fired? In other words I guess I’m asking, was it a true semi-automatic rifle or one of those automatic ejection, single shot rifles I’ve heard about? Any information on bullet weight and muzzle velocity? Thanks


Here is the cover of carbine manual:


That rifle looks very interesting. Does a magazine feed the cartridges into the gun? Is this one which automatically ejects the spent cartridge casing and then you have to manually load the next cartridge? Thank you for sharing this.


This is a repeating carbine and loading/ejection is made with the help of a lever.


Looks like a Martini action with the monkey tail lever, but having a magazine. I have not heard of this one. As it says “Automatique” on the cover, something about it must work automatically. Or maybe it merely refers to automatic feeding from a magazine instead of manually placing each round in the chamber.


Sorry, I was wrong. This is a semiautomatic carbine in the full meaning of the word. The lever is only used to load the first cartridge.


Looks like a very clever adaptation of the Martini rifle.