6mm Gas Cartridges

Does anyone have a source in the USA for 6mm “Gaspatronen,” i.e., the small tear gas cartridges used in small blank firing guns? I ave one of those little GECO guns that uses a s cartridge strip and have plenty of blanks but would like to find a box of gas rounds. Apparently they are not imported any more but I feel certain there must be a stash on the shelves of some store somewhere. Any guidance or suggestions will be welcomed. Thanks.

I have several rounds that may be what you want. When I bought them, I only really wanted one round for my collection. I have always assumed that they were .22’s, but since I never measured them, I don’t really know. I DO know that they are tear gas cartridges. My off-the-top-of-my-head number thinks that there may be 15 to 20 rounds in a plastic Petri-type dish. These would be original and certainly there would be no warranty as to whether they would fire or not. If these are of interest to you, let me know and I’ll find them. I moved recently and so far I haven’t even tried to look for ammo for anything.

Thanks, I am definitely interested. Where are you located? What do you want for them? Is it possible to send a picture?

Tom Caceci

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