6mm Lee Navy drawings

Does anyone have factory drawings for 6mm Lee Navy (the later production version), or a good photo of a sectioned case? I am trying to find dimensions on the case thickness down near the case head.


Ian, I’ll give you everything I’ve got on it:

It’s also worth noting that, according to HWS, the .276 Pedersen is based, originally, on the 6mm Lee Navy case. So, if you’re willing to take a leap of faith, I do have a drawing of the .276:

Yeah, I did some searching before I posted and did find those images here. hat I’m looking for, though, is the specific thickness at the case web (what is marked as 0.039 on the .276 drawing). However, since posting I did locate a couple original cartridge cases I can cut in half, and that should tell me what I need to know once they arrive.

Right; I don’t have that drawing (I too have been looking for it).

If it matches up with the .276 drawing, let me know

From our sale #11 lot 270. Not the best cutting job, but perhaps of use?.

Tau, thanks a lot for sharing these excellent drawings.

No problem! I’ve got more of various different calibers; collecting factory ammunition drawings is something of a hobby of mine (currently all I have is of the digital variety).

I am not sure if the original post is related to this or not. But…

Here is a report of a 6mm Winchester Lee Navy rifle which blew up, and the suggested cause is failure the cartridge case near the base. The cases being used were made from .30-40 Krag cases.

Follow the link in the story for more photos of the remnants of the gun, and the cartridge.

Ammunition design is full of important details, and potential dangers if shortcuts are taken.


I imagine it is, as Ian runs the website Forgotten Weapons.