6mm Lee Navy dummy "package"

I got these from the same dealer. I suspect they may be “travelling” together since 1895. They have 2 drilled holes in each, there is a wooden insert inside (I think). The headstamp is “W.R.A.Co.6 m/m U.S.N.”. How difficult will it be to attain that loopy piece of the charger which is missing?

In a word, very, they were just bent and crimped-to-form wire & easily break if the least bit of force is applied to the when closing / locking the clip.

You have to very carefully be sure every round in lined up & close it slowly. If you feel resistance stop & readjust.

Nice dummies

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Pete, you mean it was just a wire set in the groove in the clip? Flat wire?
I have never seen one of those stripper clips, very cool.

Yes, a flat wire that falls easily out of the clip when released.

Ah, so, thank you.
Maybe easy to make, but not so easy to make work properly?

I suspect the wire was originally round and that the flat profile was a result of the stamping process … it seems to be just ordinary steel and the fragility is because of stresses caused when bending the metal … as disposable items there was no point in going to the expense of heat treatment because it’s not a spring, it’s only a retaining latch.

These clips are remarkably hard to find, in 15 years of collecting I’ve managed to get 6 of them … 3 of which came with dummies bought on US eBay when that was still possible … and all the cartridges had cracked necks.


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Your 100% correct Peter

Lucky you have the six clips!
Time to make your own springs, yea?
Not very hard to heat treat… unless you want them Colour Case Hardened ;-)