6mm Pivi Magnum XPL


I was browsing MUNICION.ORG when I noticed Pivi’s name under “6mm Pivi Magnum XPL”. Are there any other cartridges named after IAA members?

6mm Pivi Magnum XPL / 6x55 Pivi Magnum / XCR 06 055 BGC 30W
Cartucho wildcat, todavía en desarrollo, diseñado por Marco Pividori.


Ehm… I confirm that the development work with this cartridge is still goin’ on.
A Sabatti action has been fitted with a custom chambered barrell…

In Italy is not as simple as in the USA…you need a bunch of licences to modify an existing rifle or barrell…and it takes so much time and money that italian wildcats are almost non-existent


Pivi - In il foro Romano antico, vicino della Via Nazionale, stanno molti “wildcats” Italiani. O.K. Soltanto uno scherzo.

(In the Old Roman Forum, there are lots of Italian wildcats. O.K. Only a joke).

Sorry, I couldn’t resist it. Throw me off the Forum.


Marco - A coincidence, I was thinking about your wildcat cartridge last night and was going to email you to see how it was going. Now I know. Keep us up to date.

Vlad - I can make one for you. The headstamp will be a problem. It will have to be a very big rim to get your name on it. ;)