6x17R Salon Rifle cartridge

I picked up a 6 x 17R Salon Rifle cartridge recently and cannot find any info in the IAAJ or on the Forum. The headstamp is H UTENDOERFFER NURNBERG. (I am having trouble with the camera and I cannot get good images of this cartridge, sorry). Can anyone share some information about this cartridge please? Thank you.



That is great. Thank you.

My Notes:

This cartridge is another “Z” Tesching cartridge, being a shorter version of the 6x22R (T24) and was probably introduced by H.Utendoerffer c1890. This 'Garten Gewehr" or ‘Rook’ cartridge was still listed in the 1932 RWS catalog but examples are scarce today.

B.Stahl examples exist but note that this cartridge was not shown in either of the two B.Stahl catalogs of c1899 and c1905. However Gecado continued to produce this cartridge, being listed until at least 1930.

Geco listed this cartridge in their 1933 catalog (but not their 1939 catalog) but this is likely to be RWS production.

Interestingly, in the c1912/13 Burgsmüller catalog, the 6x17R is shown as “Morris-Patrone”. However, the 6x17R does not match known 230-297 or 250-297 Morris cartridge case dimensions. Maybe “MORRIS” devices were adapted to this caliber as well ??


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Thank you WBD and bdgreen.