7.2 x 56 Italian Experimental

brass case,CN bullet, yellow tip
hstp *H * 1931
bullet diameter : 7.2
case length : 55.65
this is the Italian experimental ctge

Any idea of the value now??

AAAAAAAAAAAARGHHH!This is the 7 x 56 Carcano experimental made by Hirtemberger for the Italian government.I don’t know the exact value but this is a very very rare cartridge,according to Pettinelli,only a few cartridges in this caliber and in a few variations were made ( ball,blank,tracer,AP and AP tracer).

I don’t know what kind of bullet is loaded in your round

Very nice found

Don’t have an heart attack Pivi.
I am an old guy, it is normal I have a few good rounds

Are they only dated 1931, or were they produced with other dates?

I think you “can” find both 1931 and 1932 headstamps,however info about this cartridge is very scarce.
Pettinelli writes that were discovered very few samples of this caliber in Switzerland,later sold at very high prices to some big collectors around the world

I know several collectors that have been in the business for 30+ years but that have never seen this cartridge…

I have no info about a yellow tipped 7 x 56 bullet.Is it a tracer?


the history and development of this experimental ammo manufactured by Hirtenberg is extensively described in the excellent book from Josef M

Thank you for the infos,very helpful

I will check on a book the yellow tip bullet and then I will let you know

I didn’t know that there is also a dummy round in this caliber.