7.2mm intermediate cartridge?

I’ve never heard of it before.It seems like a soviet experimental cartridge before 7.62×41mm. Does anyone have more informations about it?
Thanks very much!18627275


That’s new for me
what is the source of this drawing?

Albom Patronow p. 54 (that is in the German section)

Is the caliber noted in the title a typographical error - "7.2 mm)? The bullet diameter on the drawing appears to be shown as being 8.2 mm. I enlarged the picture for a better look. Am I misreading the drawing some how?

John Moss

Hi John,
There are faint dimensioning lines that indicate that 8.22mm is the neck diameter. Similar lines are shown for two other case diameters. It is often problematic when dimensions are drawn within the actual drawing itself. Much cleaner and easier to read if all dimensions are outside of the item/part.
The projectile diameter isn’t indicated in the drawing, other than in the title.


If we assume wall thickness of the neck being similar to Soviet 7.62 x 39 and German 7.9 x 33, the bullet diameter is about 7.4 to 7.5 mm (.291" - .295"). This is in agreement with a nominal caliber (barrel land diameter) of 7.2 mm (.283").

O.k. guys, I was wrong. On what I could see on my screen, I missed the diagonal lines. A rather strange way to show neck diameter, easily misunderstood on a relatively low resolution picture to be the bullet diameter, at least by a dummy like me.


Before you all get too excited, this book is showing plenty of items which were just projects or existed only in drawings or patents.

Not you John - simply a combination of a poor quality image and (what I consider) a less than ideal means of indicating dimensions on a drawing.

found it. It is not Soviet, it is GERMAN experimental (from 1940-dated drawing), and “7.2mm” seems to be typo.