7.2x59 DWM 431H for Sweden

Here is some information that I found in the Swedish military technical journal “Militärteknisk Tidskrift”. dated June 1932. In an article concerning Swedish caliber and ammunition experiments 1905-1930 we find that Sweden first tested 6.5mm boat-tailed bullets. In 1913 7.2mm and 7.5mm boat-tailed bullets were also included. In 1928-1930 tests were done with 7.9mm bullets of various types, and they ended up with the

8x63mm in 1932.


That’s great Vidar - finally some documentation on that Swedish testing.

Vidar, sincere thanks also from me for this rare data.

The distance/energy data for the German 7.9 mm bullets is identical to the data found in the German firing tables (HDv 73 and HDv 240). This lets me suspect that these numbers possibly are not based on Swedish trials, because my experience with comparing firing tables lets me suspect that the German tables are not really reliable. Apart from that Sweden used a more dense standard atmosphere than Germany, making identical data practically impossible. It seems Swedish military put too much trust in German firing tables.

This of course does not in any way reduce the value of the most interesing data of the Swedish calibers.

P.S. The energy figures are meterkilograms; multiplication by 9.81 converts to Joule or 7.233 to ft-lbs.

Vidar, thanks a lot!
Has anybody ever seen such a 7.5mm?

It is likely to be this one: 7.5x59 Swedish

Top image : Woodin Laboratory
Middle : Nils Olsson
Bottom: http://www.municion.org

WBD, thanks a lot!
Seeing at least two (?) headstamps and two manufacturers I understand the 7.5mm was in extensive testing?