7.35 Argentine spotter cartridges free to a good home

If anyone knows a cartridge collector in the Moline, Illinois area who wants 52 of the 7.35 Argentine spotter cartridges, have them contact Rock Island Auction Co at 1-800-238-8022 and ask about the explosive cartridges in the FAMMAP box that they were unable to ship. They should still have them, and would probably be grateful to have someone take them of their hands.

I am new to the forum. I saw your post and have no need for the ammo but the book shown on your web page that details Winchester ammo, now that s interesting.
I have a birthday coming up so I sent my wife a hint that such a book would be quite nice.
I couldn’t tell much about Vol II so I just hinted about Vol I
Either way, I need to learn from some of you pro’s.
I have made two post’s today. One on an Old Primer and the other post is on Trench Art. If you read it, let me know if you can ID the Trench Art shell.

Volume 1 covers up through .380 revolver., Vol 2 continues from there. Another book that may interest you is also by Dan Shuey (and Ray Giles) and covers Winchester boxes. It is a beautiful book with full color pictures of hundreds of boxes, and is packed with information. Your box with the protected primers is pictured in it.

If possible, send the entire list of the three books to me at jagerdad@clearwire.net

I want to get the list to my wife.

On the book topic- I highly recommend Chris Punnett’s “.30-06” which is very useful for its many histories of the companies that made .30-06 ammunition (and almost all made lots of other calibers as well), and his info on various features found in the .30-06 rounds and packaging will often help figure out stuff on many ohter calibers by the same maker. Organized by country and then by the maker, this is easy to use and has lots of photos. It can be used for indept study of the .30-06 but is really hand for a more general collector as well.

I am glad to see John S’s answer regarding Chris Punnett’s excellent work on the .30-06. Most cartridge books, even those written about a specific caliber, are not just of use to those who collect that caliber. The overlap of information applicable to other fields is huge in books as well researched and written as is the one by Chris. Thanks for reminding us of that John. I just passed on a book on Russian big-bore ammo (artillery), because my interests do not extend, basically, to any caliber bigger than .50, only to have been sent a xerox of one page to help me in the book I am writing. I can see that despite tight budgets these days, I should have bought it.