7.35 Carcano headstamp question


A 7.35 carcano round stamped “A.A C-39” can anyone tell me more?


A.A. = initials of the inspector at the plant
C = Pirotechnia di Capua
39 = year


Thanks, what was the inspectors with the initial A.A.'s name?


Aldo Adamo
C.A. is Alfredo Cavallo


It is definitley A.A., but don’t worry if you don’t know. I’m sure someone will.


just found that answer ;)


B Pirotechnia di Bologna Bologna

BPD Bombrini, Parodi & Delfino Rome

C Pirotechnia di Capua Capua

SMI Societa Metallurgica Italiana

T Pirotechnia di Torino Torino


This is the list of inspectors for italian ammo:

Inspectors initals noted Code Inspector’s Name Location Date
A.A. Aldo, Adamo Capua

A.C. Unknown Bologna 1890’s
A.S. Unknown Capua

B.P. Unknown noted on both Capua and Bologna 1920’s
C.A. Cavalli, Alfredo noted on both Capua and Bologna production

C.C. Unknown Bologna

E.S. Unknown Capua C. 1912
F.O. Unknown Torino 1890’s
F.P. Unknown Bologna 1923-1928
G.D. Unknown Capua 1890’s
L.N. Leggiadore, Nicola Capua 1916-1934
L.P. Unknown Torino

L.V. Unknown Capua

P.O. Unknown Torino

P.V. Pascarello, Vincenzo Capua 1943
R.M. Rubino, Mario Bologna 1942
S.A. Unknown Bologna 1885-1899
S.G. Unknown Capua

S.L. Unknown Bologna 1890 (may be Scotti Luigi)
T.M. Unknown Bologna 1938
T.R. Unknown Capua

V.S. Unknown Capua 1892
Z.G. Zangari, Gaetano Capua 1936-1938


Thanks Vittorio, that’s another list worth printing.