7.35x52 Carcano box by Benjack,NY


A prominent ammunition scholar from Prescott, visiting my environs, thought of this box as being unusual, so I decided to post it here for all Carcano enthusiasts to see and comment, if you wish. This box is really unusual inside, half of it is cardboard-partitioned for individual rounds and the other half seems to be reserved for an entire loaded charger (note “free clip” mention in the label). That’s the first time I see such an arrangement.


This ammuntion was reloaded by/for Benjack Sales, Inc., 655 Broadway, New York, NY. This was a general sporting goods store managed by Benjamin Schector and Jack Rubenstein. Your box probably dates from the early 60’s.

Rounds of this type were also commercialized by Hunters Lodge and Golden State Arms Co., both from California, the later using japanese newly made cases.


Did they use italian military cases? There were some custom loaders in the USA that reloaded those cases with hunting bullets.

Anyway, for this 7.35 mm cartridges I think they used swaged down .308" bullets, since the original military bullets was lighter ( about 130 grains). For the 6.5 mm Carcano they used standard .264" bullets instead of the original .267" ones


Yes, Italian military cases, this box contains SMI 939 and CA B-39.


Fede, what are the headstamps on the Japanese cases? Do you have any examples?


Headstamp used was just 7.35 (centered at 12). Same format also exist in 6,5 x 52 mm M. 91 (6.5) and .303 British (.303). These were made by Toyo Seiki Manufacturing Company Limited.

Sorry, I don’t have any.